Air Curtain and PVC Strip Curtains

Mycron Air Tech presents it is an Air curtain. It is a continuous broad stream of air circulated across a doorway of a conditioned space. It reduces penetration of insects and unconditioned air into a conditioned space by forcing an air stream over the entire entrance. The air stream layer moves with a velocity and angle such that any air that tries to penetrate the curtain is entrained. Air curtain effectiveness in preventing infiltration through an entrance generally ranges from 60 to 80%.Such Air Curtains are available size in 2,3,4 and 5 feet’s.

1Available Sizes in feet’s (L)2,3,4,5 feet’s and 1,2m
2Material of ConstructionMS Powder Coated , SS 304
3Motor & BlowerDynamically balanced Motor with Aluminum Blower
4Power RequiredSingle Phase 230V/50 Hz
5Total Power Consumption1KW as per Req
6Noise level75 db +/- 5 db
7Vibration Level< 2.5 µm (0.000025m)

Air doors are often used where doors are required to stay open for operational purposes, such as at loading docks and vehicle entrances. They can be used to help keep flying insects out by creating forceful turbulence, or help keep out outside air, thus reducing infiltration through the opening. Cold drafts can be avoided by mixing in warm air heated by the air door. Heated air doors are commonly used when supplemental heat is needed for a space, and to reduce the wind chill factor inside the opening, in colder climates.

Further applications include customer entryways, airplane hangars, cargo doors, drive through windows, restaurant doors, or shipping receiving doors. Non-heated air curtains are often used in conjunction with cold storage and refrigerated rooms.

PVC Strip Curtains

The PVC Strip Curtains are made from specially developed PVC material, which offers a cost effective and a simple way to control temperature, humidity and prevent the ingress of dust and insects.The plastic strip curtain doors are ideal for maintaining an ambient temperature for your warehouse or cold store, keeping out unwanted pests, restricting the movement of air pollutants or isolating noisy machinery. The strips of these doors are made of transparent or colored plastic in full or partial overlap, these strips can create real partition walls suitable to divide rooms and sheds.

Benefits of PVC strip curtains

  • Retaining heat, or chilled air
  • Improving workplace safety
  • Clear so they allow natural light to pass through
  • Reducing or containing noise levels
  • Helping to exclude vermin and birds
  • Application Areas

Pharmaceutical Industries Manufacturing Plants Hotels & Kitchen Area Cold Storage Dairy Industry Freeze Zones Packaging Industries Processing of Agricultural Products Factories Warehouses Health Care Facilities Food Processing Zones.