Room Garment Storage Cabinets in Chennai

Mycron Air Tech in Chennai is having the best experience in the critical environment industry with a wide range of innovative lab equipment products from some of the most respected brands. We have in-depth industrial knowledge of our team assists us in providing effective after sales services within effective time frame. We consider Research & development equipment’s as an important feature. Therefore, our team of research associates is engaged in extensive research & development activities. They keep themselves abreast with latest technological developments in the market and adopt a systematic process for conducting the research and development procedure.
We offer high Quality Laboratory Equipment for many industries in Chennai. These Equipment have been designed by experts in the industry. The equipment which includes which includes air showers, biological safety cabinets, ceiling laminar air flow cabinets, horizontal laminar air flow cabinets, vertical laminar air flow cabinets, air curtains, powder dispensing booths, static and dynamic pass box, room garment storage cabinets in Chennai. Design and Manufaction of laboratory equipment needs special care for quality, safety and for serviceability, to be realized for an affordable price. Most of the machined parts for Mycron Air Tech equipment in chennai are hand-made which guarantees quality and optimal specifications conformity. Skilled personnel takes care of design, parts-machinery, assembly and testing of Mycron Air Tech equipment, under optimal quality, safety and CE-conformity conditions.

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